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HillStone Company

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Hillstone was established in 2019 to accelerate regional economic development. Ever since, the firm has succeeded in developing itself as a significant player in the corporate sector, catering to both the public and private industries. We use our broad approach to business management to deliver various services, including general trading, manufacturing and construction, oil and gas services, catering and food networks, logistics, vehicle rental, and life support. Hillstone’s reputation for keeping high standards, professional behavior, and strong work ethics has aided in the company’s growth in Iraq. Through the support of our branches across the Middle East, U.S., and U.K, Hillstone makes sure that Governmental and Non-governmental customers’ services are based on the highest quality standards. Moreover, Hillstone has a lengthy history of working with allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Hillstone provides our NATO and other government partners with vehicles, equipment, and logistical assistance.


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