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In the initial phase, we spearheaded contracted and reliable line hull services to various locations in Syria. Over time, we successfully managed weekly complex supply fulfillment orders, encompassing both local and international procurement requirements. This evolution led to an expanded service portfolio driven by client demands, focusing on food supply solutions for the military and government sector. Presently, our company exclusively owns and operates a comprehensive transportation fleet, comprising 22 Freezer and Dry Line Hull trucks.”

Hillstone Company provides high standard catering services in different areas. All of our catering services are provided to private clients, companies, and government organizations. Our mission is to cater the best gourmet food and the most professional catering services to our clients. The team is ready to set up a customized menu, arrange required staff and take care of the clean-up process. Whatever your catering needs.

  • Packaging, 
  • Re-packaging and Pillarization 
  • Pick & Pack
  •  Bundling 
  • Break Bulk
  •  Consultation 
  • Distribution
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Labelling, Screening, Sampling 
  • Custom orders 
  • Stretch-Wrapping 
  • Merchandise inspection 
  • Pallet rental 
  • Pallet fumigation 
  • Fulfillment Warehousing – EDI 
  • Cross-docking, Transloading 
  • Import & Export 
  • Container service & yard 
  • Cargo theft protection 
  • Manual loading & unloading of unpalletized products